Campaign for the future of Catholic Central


GREAT place.


Innovation, Collaboration, and Preservation.

We are grateful for the tradition of our location, but we are also responsible for stewarding our campus to improve its utility and effectiveness. Today’s classrooms and workplaces are vastly different than they were 50 years ago. Students need to work together, utilize technology, and engage with the curriculum in new ways in order to be better prepared for their future education and careers.


GREATER people.


Faithfully investing in our students and staff.

Our community and the individuals within it strive to honor God by discovering our passions, growing our minds, helping others, and living the word of our Lord. Our goal is to remain a Catholic school for all. We continue to give out more tuition assistance than any other school in West Michigan, with 45% of our students receiving over $1.1 million in financial aid last year alone. 


GREATEst impact.


Open hearts, prepared minds, love of God.

The future of Catholic Central is bright, but we need your help to see that future realized. Our values of Wonder, Lead, Strive, Serve, Love, and Honor are lived out by our students long after graduation.