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deferred maintenance 

Our main building was built in 1956.  While we are grateful for the tradition of this campus, we are also responsible for stewarding this resource to preserve its utility and make it as effective as it can be for our students.  Just like any older home, our buildings need updating. The time has come to address these issues—functionally, aesthetically, and for safety.  We need to upgrade and/or replace the HVAC systems, roof, doors, windows, bathrooms, and emergency systems while outfitting our classrooms with furniture, technology, and other resources. In addition to our main campus getting a face-lift, we will also be updating our gym building—including the band room—to bring the other side of our campus up to 21st century standards.


the steam center

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) fields are collectively considered core underpinnings of an advanced society, and increasingly used in the context of personal and national economic competitiveness. At Catholic Central, STEAM fields are not only a significant draw for prospective families looking to choose a high school, but also for prospective employers and universities. To increase interest in STEAM fields and to prepare our students for the academic rigor these fields require post-graduation, we are adding a third floor to the north building and turning the space into a first-class STEAM facility. The STEAM Center will be outfitted with modern laboratories and top of the line technologies to provide a collaborative and innovative learning environment.  


The student center

Build a Student Center for learning, collaborating and gathering. The Center will be a dynamic new space connecting the main and north buildings.  Flexibility is the key here. First, the space and learning will simulate the reality of today’s work environment, allowing for collaborative spaces of different sizes. Second, expanding the capacity of this space enables us to reduce the number of lunch periods required each day, which means we can add 50 minutes daily to support our curricular and extracurricular priorities. Third, the Student Center provides us with a facility capable of holding various events on campus for our community to be a part of and enjoy.


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