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Increase Scholarships

We strive to meet the financial needs of those who desire to attend Catholic Central, ensuring the seeds we plant and the dispositions we develop are accessible and affordable to all. More than 41% of the student body for the 2015-2016 school year requires varying degrees of financial assistance totaling $1,300,000, to whom we were able to provide $1,100,000. Catholic Central’s immediate goal of driving growth will be to raise scholarships through this campaign.   

In the past year, the Diocese of Grand Rapids has made unprecedented investments in the sustainability of its Catholic schools. As parish schools increase enrollment and aggressively market to non-parish schools, Catholic Central is also preparing to attract and enroll additional students and increase capacity for tuition assistance. Catholic Central is in its third year of implementing an aggressive enrollment plan. 

This plan will narrow the tuition gap for five years and create two significant advantages. First, it will buy time for the new enrollment plan to take root and deliver results. Significant time and money is being invested in student recruitment so we will reach a desired enrollment level of 800 students by 2020. Second, the plan will support families who desire a Catholic education for their child, or children, who cannot afford the financial burden without help. 



Because we are called to serve and develop each student’s God-given potential, we must create a successful learning environment for all students. No matter where students are along the learning continuum, we are called to meet their needs—including those who require more assistance. 

Catholic Central is in need of additional resources to supplement and expand the services we offer.  Adding specialized expertise to our current staff would allow for better, more individualized support in meeting students’ diverse learning needs, including: more frequent measurement of student growth plans, small group and individualized tutoring, writing support, and study assistance. Additional staff would also work with parents to explore post-secondary options and administer career/college readiness assessments.  

Expanding this program would allow us to provide an empowering education to students that would give them confidence and self-efficacy as they embrace their future opportunities.



We acknowledge and appreciate that it is a mission and calling to work at a Catholic high school.  At the same time we recognize the need to reward and invest in our staff. Excellent, committed Catholic teachers and staff inspire our students to achieve academically and grow in their faith.   

We want to attract/retain outstanding teachers and staff and reward them for their dedication by strengthening their total compensation package – salary, benefits, continuing education, work environment and other resources.  We believe it is important to incentivize high performance, as well as invest in ongoing education by offering tuition reimbursement and other resources to help our teachers reach their own potential. We believe investing in our staff is not only an investment in their growth and satisfaction but will ensure that we attract talented, committed employees in the future, so that Catholic Central continues to be a school of excellence.  


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